Have you decided on your favorite coin yet? 
Then go ahead, and vote for your coin 
to give it a chance on being our next target.


Monthly, we will announce a public election on 200 coins in order to choose the most favourite 50 coins for the private members election. 

Community members will start voting privately on these 50 coins for at least 3 days to determine the top voted coin. 

Our System will announce the top voted coins immediately to our community members, At this point community members will start to buy. 

Our team will start boosting these top coins price and try to maintain its uptrend as long as it possible. 

In order to enable boosts and maintain the price direction, we need from each voter to send us a small amount (min.0.002 BTC) 100% of the transfered volume will be used in the price trending scheme to make sure that most of our community members make a profit, and also to avoid the pump and dump schemes by traders from outside of our community.


Public election, allows you to vote for your favourite coin in order to be listed among the 50 nominated coins that our community members are going to vote privately on.


Private Election is an exclusive service for our community members. After the public election is done, we will pick the top 50 nominated coins and begin our members only private election in order to decide which next coin to pump.